We believe that healthy churches plant churches. As stewards of the Gospel, it’s vitally important that the local church is not just relevant but essential to a flourishing society. That is why Planted Ministries follows a three-to-five-year strategy focused on discipling, gathering and multiplying new Believers or Christ-Followers.
Year One involves going and serving the community coupled with evangelism and discipleship. We call this cultivating the soil and planting seeds.

Developing a core leadership team and small house groups is foundational for discipling new Believers. This is where the watering and fertilizing takes place. 
Year Two is a benchmark for constituting as a church with its own facilities for gathering as a large group or congregation. We’re not talking about building barns or silos to store the harvest, but instead more like a greenhouse where seedlings are fully developed for transplanting in the fields to produce their own fruit.
Years three to five focus on coaching, mentoring and equipping local church leaders to plant more churches.  We call this the pruning effect. Much like when farmers cut back new growth and dead ends to manage the shape of the fruit tree for maximum production, so too must leaders and church planters, for the sake of the Gospel, routinely eliminate that which makes them unproductive.

church planters

Pastor Hector Hugo Ortega Sanchez
Church Plant Catalyzer
Sinaloa, Mexico

Samuel Gutarra
Lima, Peru

Oscar Martínez
Sinaloa, Mexico

Boris Aleman
Lima, Peru

Joel Reyes
Nayarit, Mexico

Brian Warne
Mochicahui, Sinaloa

Robers Emilk Jiménez Mendoza
Pisco, Peru