Robers Emilk Jiménez Mendoza - Pisco, Peru

Robers Emilk Jiménez Mendoza is married to Cinthia Yohana Fernández Hernández and they are the parents of their son Milan Emilk Jiménez Fernández. Robers is a graduate of the Expository Preaching Seminar at SEPE, Honduras 2016 — 2019 with a professorship in Biblical Exposition.

Currently forming part of the local leadership of the Iglesia Bíblica Bautista Fuente de Vida, Choloma, Honduras. He performs responsibilities in the area of preaching and teaching to the saints of said locality, supporting the Deacons and Pastor of the church in different ministries.

Also serving as adjunct professor at the Expository Ministry Institute (IME) in San Pedro Sula, in the Expository Evangelism module (specialized module). Coming soon with plans to travel to Sinaloa, Mexico to receive his Pastoral Residence training, by the program that Planted Ministries has in Latin America to support the preparation and training of pastors/planters and also with the purpose of being sent as a missionary to Peru with his family to plant a church in the Pisco sector south of Lima.