Boris Aleman - Lima, Peru

We thank the Lord for the opportunity and privilege he gives us to be part of Planted Ministries for planting churches in Peru. As a family we are blessed to have been called to His work from an early age. We now look to the future ahead with great anticipation and pray the Lord to give us strength and to use us as instruments to reach the lost for Christ.

Pastor Boris Aleman and his wife Patricia have a son, Brian (22),and a daughter, Catherine (17). He was trained at TMAI School(associated with the Master’s Seminary) MEDA/SEPE Seminary for Expository Preaching. He has served as an associate pastor for the past five years in a local church in Honduras where he has been a member for the past 25 years. Pastor Boris is being sent for a church-planting ministry in Barranca, northern province of Lima district. One of the fascinating locations in this area is Caral which has been described by its excavators as the oldest urban centre in the Americas.

Prayer Petitions:
May the Lord use us greatly in his work for his glory and praise.

That our assimilation process in Peru can be carried out in a natural and providential way. Pray for them as Boris and his family will reside and train in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico for six months and be evaluated in his preparation for church-planting. Counseling and training will also be provided for his entire family in order to prepare them for life on the mission field.